Restaurant Check Splitter

Step 1 Total bill before tax and tip (required):

Total tax:

tip 0%

Number of guests of honor (if any)*:

*Charges for guests of honor are divided evenly among the payers

Step 2 (add payers one at a time):
Enter name of a payer (required):

Enter number of people in attendance to be paid for by this payer (don't include guests of honor)**:

Enter amount, if any, not to be shared with other payers (before tax and tip)***:

**this number could be 0 if the payer is not attending and there are no people associated with this payer who are dining; a payer with 0 here will only split charge for guests of honor; can add fractions (e.g. payer brings a child with a small appetite)
***e.g. bottle of wine for only this payer's group

Step 3:
Payers# of diners associated with payer at eventunshared amount